When plants are grown in soil or coco, the crucial factor for customers is that their system is working with them and not against them.  In this blog, we will run through some of the advantages of EasyFeed® and what makes it the best gravity-fed soil system for you.

The fabric pots allow root pruning of the roots. But what does this mean exactly?

Air pruning is a term used to describe the reaction of roots to increased O2. Air-pruning has been shown to increase the branching of the aerial roots in plants and increase the amount of water and nutrients your plants can uptake.  This, in turn, can lead to greater yields and fruits.


The EasyFeed® system is battery operated and requires no electricity to power it

Other gravity-fed systems consistently keep the roots wet 24/7, whereas the EasyFeed® system releases water in the system trays through the action of a water timer. The timer prevents water from automatically being released into the system trays. Instead, the plant roots are allowed to dry out periodically and enables the plants’ roots to absorb oxygen. The periodic drying out of the roots encourages root branching, improves nutrient uptake by plants, and increases plant yield.


The EasyFeed® gravity-fed system uses 16mm pipe to prevent clogging

Common issues we hear from our growers using alternative gravity-fed systems to EasyFeed® is that clogging of the pipework is quite common. The 16mm pipe and large diameter valve inlet eliminate clogging and keep the nutrient flow consistent.

The EasyFeed® float valve is fixed

Another common issue with other gravity-fed systems is the float valve detaching from the tray, floating to the surface and causing flooding of the grow room. The EasyFeed® valve is secured to the side of the tray, which makes this issue impossible.


Is it possible to wash the EasyFeed® fabric pots?

It is possible to wash your pots used in the EasyFeed® system. And to prevent debris entering your washing machine, it is advisable to rinse the pots off, using a garden hose or something similar, prior to washing. Wash the fabric pots at 30 degrees and then treat the pots using a sterilising solution to ensure that the pots are 100% sterile.  ALIEN® have manufactured a hypochlorous acid product, RootRotX™, that can be used to keep the system sterile. If you want to know how to keep your system clean, we have created a blog, “How to Keep Your Hydroponic System Sterile and Clean”. Click here to read the full blog.

Is it possible to overwater your plants in the EasyFeed® system?

We recommend a watering schedule of once every day for established plants in soil or coco. If the water timer is left open and the trays are full of water, this can lead to root problems such as root rot as the roots are consistently submerged.


The EasyFeed®system is a very reliable, simple and cost-effective way to automatically water multiple plants.

For more information regarding the EasyFeed® system, please click here