In our first blog of the series, "How to get the most out of your hydroponic system," the article below outlines some of the tips for keeping your ALIEN Hydroponic system clean.

Keep your system sterile.

We recommend changing the water in your system and reservoir every 7-10 days to replenish depleted nutrients with fresh. If you do not sterilise your system, you risk breeding algae and fungi, leading to root rot and unhealthy plants. Customers who have experienced root rot showed promising results using a sterilising solution to clean their systems.

To ensure that your system is sterile, we recommend using RootRotX™ as part of weekly treatment. Add 1ml of RootRotX™/1 litre of clean for water temperature of 20 degrees or below. For temperatures over 20°, we recommend adding 1.5ml/1 litre of water.

Deep Clean your Water Reservoir

Performing a regular reservoir clean also ensures that you are circulating clean water through your system. Add 20ml of RootRotX™ per litre of water to your water reservoir. Run water pumps for 1-24hours and drain down the system.

Clean the system pump

Cleaning the pump regularly using the RootRotX™ sterilising solution will ensure that you're receiving optimum performance from your hydroponic, automatic watering system and prevent mechanical failure.

Perform a regular grow room/tent clean

Clean the inside of your grow room after each crop by using a sterilising solution such as RootRotX™. This action will prevent fusarium and pythium-creating spores from entering your grow room, reducing the chance of root rot making an appearance in your grow room.

Please do not use our systems alongside organic nutrients

In RDWC or V-Systems, we recommend you do not use any organic nutrients or additives as this can create a biofilm and blockages.