Selecting the correct pot size for your application is important for two reasons. Firstly, to ensure the plant's roots do not outgrow the pot or hinder the system's recirculation and draining capability. Also, the correct size will provide you with isle space to manoeuvre around the grow room when transplanting into the system. 

The main factors to consider when choosing the correct pot size are the grow room dimensions and the number of plants. For example - A space of 2x2m could house an RDWC 16 pot 20L system with 50cm plant spacings or a 9 pot 36L system with 66cm plant spacings. The general rule of thumb is that the 20L pots are good for 50-60cm centres, while the 36L pots are good for 60-75cm. The same method can be applied to RAIN/AERO 15L & 30L and EasyFeed 16, 22, 30L pots.

Use the calculation below to work out which plant spacings/centres are suitable for your grow room;

Grow room size - 2x2m

Number of pots - 9 (3 rows of 3)

Calculation: 200cm divided by 3 (pots) = 66cm

Another example:

Grow room size - 3x3m

Number of pots - 16 (4 rows of 4)

Calculation: 300cm divided by 4 (pots) = 75cm

All of our systems have the option to locate the header pot outside of the grow space, maximising yield potential.

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