The ALIEN® RAIN™ is the ultimate top feeding system which in the kit version sits on the floor of your grow room. An automatic sensing Swedish water pump returns the nutrient solution back to the tank after feeding. The return pump is not needed for the table top set up. Gravity returns the nutrient solution to the tank.

The RAIN™ System is entirely adaptable to suit any grow room and can also be used as a table top set up without the need for a return pump. The nutrient solution returns to the tank using gravity and a sloped drainage system. The table top system is more suited to commercial applications as a higher head height is required.

The nutrient solution can be distributed either through the blue JET-STREAM™ fittings and pipework, mounted to the wall of the grow room, or by means of the ALIEN® range of flexible pipes.

Standard loft style tanks are well suited to the table top application as they are low level.

Send us your room dimensions and we can help with the design.